In Memoriam

To memorialize our beloved friends is to honour and acknowledge the important role they played in our lives, to bring comfort to ourselves and to help keep their love and presence in our hearts.


When William stepped hoof on the earth at HEEFS, he was instantly transformed into a kind, gentle and comical character.
He leaves behind his son, George, and partner, Catherine who were all rescued from a horrible goat milking operation.  
William's love for head scratches and kale will be remembered.  Long live William.



Born May 17 2003, Baabara was a Shetland sheep, and she arrived at HEEFS on July 26th, 2016. Very timid at first, it took a number of months for her to trust her new human friends. But once she did, she was the biggest cuddle bug on the farm. Preferring to spend her time with the volunteers in the barn, she had become a fixture on work days helping everybody with their chores in exchange for a cookie, and scratch. She passed peacefully in her sleep on Jan 25th, and she will be missed by everyone who was lucky enough to meet her.



Beautiful, floppy-eared Jeffrey came to Happily Ever Esther Farm Sanctuary after being surrendered by a small sanctuary in New York. Although he arrived with the reputation of being aggressive, under the kind and loving care of the HEEFS team, his true, gentle nature soon emerged.

Jeffrey was only a little over 2 years old when he passed away on July 25, 2017. We’ll all miss his adorable twitching nose whenever we approached with his favourite kale or apple treat.



Our sweet girl, Edna, a Rhode Island Red chicken, passed away in June of 2018 at the age of three from reproductive cancer. She came to us, along with best friend, and fellow chicken Mable, chickens Lucy and Grace and rooster, Rusty, when the home in which they were living could no longer care for them. While living at Happily Ever Esther Farm Sanctuary, Edna enjoyed spending time with both Mable and Lucy, exploring the Sanctuary, checking out Bunnytown and snacking on her favourite sunflower seeds.



After a brief battle with leukemia, our sweet chicken, Anne, passed away on September 7th. A gentle soul, she began her life confined to a tiny cage. Anne arrived at HEEFS unable to walk and she required a lot of extra care and attention, but before long she was out enjoying a good dust bath, basking in the sun and just being a happy chicken. Anne was the "mom" of our flock and enjoyed daily strolls with best friends Hope and Farley. She overcame a lot in her life and we were honoured to be able to give Anne all the care and love she deserved. 



Our sweet rooster, suddenly took ill on March 11 and was rushed to OVC where he was put into an oxygen tent to help him breathe. A CT scan revealed a coating that was blocking his lungs and preventing him from breathing on his own. Not wanting him to suffer, as soon as it was determined that he would no longer be able to breathe without the aid of an oxygen tank, he was removed from the tent and gently helped over the rainbow bridge on March 13. Hank arrived at HEEFS with his best friend, Cornelius in April of 2017 and quickly became a favourite of the residents and volunteers. He enjoyed exploring the Sanctuary grounds and snacking on his favourite grapes and watermelon.



Michelle was a shy older lady, who passed away peacefully at the age of 13 – quite elderly for a sheep. She was surrendered to HEEFS along with herdmates Obaaama, Shaaaun and Doug when the place they were living could no longer care for them. A gentle and sweet sheep, Michelle got along with everyone she met and enjoyed spending her days socializing with all of the other sheep and her many goat friends. Michelle was always around when it came to treat time and she had a particular fondness for apples and kale.


Dot was rescued many years prior to HEEFS coming to fruition.  She was a basement bunny that her family fell out of love with. Dot quickly became friends with Cadabara, and lived a lovely free range life in Georgetown prior to coming to the Sanctuary. She will be remembered as a fighter and the sweet old lady that she was, living until 14 years of age.   Long live Dot.



Having arrived at our farm as a senior, Bear lost the mobility in his back legs just a few weeks after arrival. For many animals, that would be the end, but not for Bear. Despite being unable to walk, he showed us he was a fighter from day one. He was always the first one up for breakfast in the morning. Sitting up to chat, and greeting you with the most beautiful piggy smile when you entered his stall.

Derek and Bear became fast friends, as the extra care required to take care of him meant they spent a lot of time together. Frequent massages, movie nights on his very own TV, and conversations that one might think were one sided, but Derek will tell you otherwise.

We watched closely for signs that Bear was telling us it was time, but they never came. As the days and months went on, having to make "that call" became one of our biggest fears. But we never had to make that call. On June 10th, 2017, Steve & Derek arrived back at the farm after being out for dinner. Within a few minutes of arriving at the farm, a call came over the walkie-talkie. Derek immediately went to the barn, and a minute later, Bear was gone. He passed peacefully, with his best friend by his side.

Bear is one of our founding residents, and his departure has left an immeasurable hole in our hearts. His strength, resilience, and character were unlike any animal we've ever known. He was an inspiration to everyone he met, and his memory will live on forever.



Marilyn, one of our two our Japanese Button Quails, passed away on July 24, 2018. She arrived at HEEFS, with best friend, Marlene, on June 9, 2018. A quiet girl, while living at HEEFS, Marilyn enjoyed spending her days exploring Bunnytown, being outside, digging and taking dustbaths. 




JP and Kurt

Our resident fish have sadly passed away. JP and Kurt both became part of the HEEFS family in November of 2014 when they were left behind on the property by the farm's former owner. While living at HEEFS, they both enjoyed many perks including an outdoor pool in the summer and a big tank inside the office for the colder winter months. 



Our sweet, gentle Elvis passed away peacefully on Feb 9, 2019. He was three years old and had spent the last year of his life at HEEFS where he was friends with everyone from the residents to the volunteers who made sure that he always had plenty of sunflower seeds – his favourite snack. Handsome and not afraid to flaunt it, Elvis was prone to some pretty amazing tail feather displays as he went about his daily adventures with friends Heisenberg, Shelly, Lucy and Richard. He would always bring treats for the hens and warn his flock mates of any perceived dangers. A true gentleman, Elvis will be missed by all.



Gentle Dolly came to us after falling from a truck, likely bound for a slaughterhouse. Rescued by Officer Scott Richardson of the Waterloo Regional Police Service, Dolly made her way to HEEFS after a brief stop at Waterloo Wildlife. When she arrived, Dolly was battling many health issues and physical injuries including road rash, a shattered wing and a severe foot infection, and she was scared. Sensing her fear, Nancy immediately took up a position in front of Dolly’s stall and he stayed there, day after day, while Dolly was being treated. Dolly and Nancy became fast friends and could always be found together exploring the Sanctuary grounds. While at HEEFS, Dolly was always surrounded by people who cared for her and tended to her ongoing health concerns, including mobility issues and problems breathing. Dolly passed away on June 20, 2019 and will be greatly missed by everyone who had the pleasure to know her including her best friend, and constant companion, Nancy.


Sweet gentle Benny departed Bunnytown and left in our hearts a fluffy memory of such a handsome and well mannered boy. Rescued from a zoo, Benedict learned to run with us, quickly outgrowing his memory of small confinement and captured the hearts of his caregivers at HEEFS.  Benny leaves behind his best friend Theresa and a legacy of being the biggest, fluffiest rabbit to ever grace Bunnytown.  Long live Benedict.



One of our most active and vocal chickens, Davy will always be remembered for his amazing crow and his natural instinct to protect his yard.

Davy came to live at Happily Ever Esther Farm Sanctuary on August 16, 2016 after a kind woman found him abandoned in a forest. While living at HEEFS, Davy enjoyed daily treats of his favourite watermelon and grapes.



Sweet Mabel, a Rhode Island Red chicken, who came to Happily Ever Esther Farm Sanctuary when the home in which she was living could no longer provide care for her, passed away from reproductive cancer in June of 2018. She was three years old and had been living at HEEFS for only two months before she passed away. While here, she enjoyed spending time with best friends Anne, Farley and Hope, exploring the Sanctuary and wandering around Bunnytown.



At just six years old, our sweet bunny, Tulip, passed away on July 23, 2018. Tulip was dropped off at the doors of HEEFS in January of 2015, shortly after the Sanctuary opened. Tulip's favourite treats included carrots and kale and she happily spent her days exploring Bunnytown with her best friend, and fellow bunny, Cadabra. Tulip kept everyone at HEEFS on their toes with her nightly game of hide-and-seek when it was time to come into the barn to sleep.



It is with great sadness that on December 5, 2018 we had to release our sweet duck, Levi, from the daily pain he endured from a long battle with leg and joint infections. Levi came to live at HEEFS in April of 2018 after his previous owners could no longer care for him. While at HEEFS he enjoyed swimming in the pond and hanging around with duck friends, Moby and Donna. He had difficulty walking but he was always available for a cuddle and he never said no to a nice, sweet blueberry. 



It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of our beloved chicken, Lucy. As is sadly common with laying hens, Lucy passed away from a form of reproductive disease. When she was between two and three years old, Lucy was relinquished to HEEFS from a home that could no longer care for her. Lucy, a Rhode Island Red, was shy when she first arrived at the Sanctuary on March 23, 2018, but became more confident and sociable after making friends with Richard, Heisenberg, Shelly and Elvis. She would often been seen with her friends, exploring HEEFS or visiting with volunteers and staff as they ate their lunch. Lucy was famous for stealing food and she wasn’t picky about what it was, although grapes were her favourite snack. Lucy will be greatly missed by everyone at HEEFS as she was a kind and gentle soul.



One of our 2015 Storybook Zoo rescues, passed away suddenly in the arms of one of our volunteers, on August 4, 2019. Heisenberg was a sweet girl who loved being around people and spending time exploring with her best friend, Richard. She came to HEEFS when she was just a young chick and lived out her life knowing nothing but love and freedom.



Our dear, sweet, differently-abled pig, Leonard passed away on Tuesday September 10, 2019 at the still young age of only 7.  He was surrounded by love with all of his caregivers present, many volunteers and his dads, Steve and Derek, by his side.

Len arrived at HEEFS on December 21, 2014. He was part of the ‘big four’--our first resident pigs, and Leonard arrived with his friends Dan, Bobbie and Bear.  Our largest pig, Len was often called an old soul who enjoyed explorations of the pastures and forest by day and gazing at the moon by night. 

As the years passed, Len’s back end mobility started to fail, but that didn’t stop him from enjoying life to the fullest watching his TV, hanging with the many volunteers and staff who stole every minute they could with him, to scooting outside to enjoy some sunshine on his brand new patio, affectionately dubbed his Lenai. 

With a smile as big as his heart, Len will be greatly missed by his lifelong friend and stallmate, Bobbie, and more recent friend and stallmate, Herc, and by everyone who had the honour to know him. Leonard will always be one of the founding pigs of HEEFS, and his presence will never leave our grounds.