In Memoriam

To memorialize our beloved friends is to honour and acknowledge the important role they played in our lives, to bring comfort to ourselves and to help keep their love and presence in our hearts.


When William stepped hoof on the earth at HEEFS, he was instantly transformed into a kind, gentle and comical character.
He leaves behind his son, George, and partner, Catherine who were all rescued from a horrible goat milking operation.  
William's love for head scratches and kale will be remembered.  Long live William.



Born May 17 2003, Baabara was a Shetland sheep, and she arrived at HEEFS on July 26th, 2016. Very timid at first, it took a number of months for her to trust her new human friends. But once she did, she was the biggest cuddle bug on the farm. Preferring to spend her time with the volunteers in the barn, she had become a fixture on work days helping everybody with their chores in exchange for a cookie, and scratch. She passed peacefully in her sleep on Jan 25th, and she will be missed by everyone who was lucky enough to meet her.


Dot was rescued many years prior to HEEFS coming to fruition.  She was a basement bunny that her family fell out of love with. Dot quickly became friends with Cadabara, and lived a lovely free range life in Georgetown prior to coming to the Sanctuary. She will be remembered as a fighter and the sweet old lady that she was, living until 14 years of age.   Long live Dot.


Sweet gentle Benny departed Bunnytown and left in our hearts a fluffy memory of such a handsome and well mannered boy. Rescued from a zoo, Benedict learned to run with us, quickly outgrowing his memory of small confinement and captured the hearts of his caregivers at HEEFS.  Benny leaves behind his best friend Theresa and a legacy of being the biggest, fluffiest rabbit to ever grace Bunnytown.  Long live Benedict.