January 2019

You made all this possible!

We have some very big plans for HEEFS in 2019 and you made it all possible through your very generous donations to our Holiday Magic Fundraiser and through one-time and monthly donations. None of this could be possible without you!

Fire suppression

Barn fires are, sadly, in the news all too often and it's something that keeps us awake at night! Even though we have always taken fire safety very seriously at HEEFS, we are so excited to be able to upgrade to Haven Fire Suppression Safety Devices. These units, which will be installed in our coop, barns, feed room and garage, are ideal for a farm because they suppress fires using a non-toxic dry chemical and they do not require power or water (so no risk of freezing). And, being in Canada, it gives us great confidence to know that the units are fully operational in temperatures as low as -45 C!

Denver's Secret Santa wish comes true!

Our big, white cow, Denver, had only one wish for Christmas this year, and thanks to our very generous supporters, his wish has already come true! 

Denver asked for a proper road to be built to the manure pile that would bypass his pasture. Up until now, we have had to cut through the cow field to make our manure "deposits" and all of that back and forth driving wasn't doing Denver's pasture any favours! Now, with the road in place, Denver and his friends, Pouty and Jasmine, can graze wherever they want, undisturbed by passing delivery trucks!

Meet Kevin!

We are so excited to be adding a new member to our HEEFS family! Meet Kevin Weil our new Facilities Supervisor. 

Kevin comes to us from years of experience at Farm Sanctuary where he “went for the internship and stayed for the cause”. With almost a decade of Sanctuary property maintenance and resident care experience, Kevin is responsible for ensuring that our grounds, buildings and equipment are always in excellent condition. Even though he studied computer science, Kevin prefers to be working outside and with animals.

When he’s not at HEEFS, Kevin enjoys spending his time as an amateur astronomer and avid gamer.

♪♪ Sunshine...on Len's shoulders makes him happy!♪♪

Ever since our sweet man, Bear, lost his mobility it was a goal of ours to help our differently-abled residents, like Len, be able to go outside and feel the sunshine on their backs. This dream is about to become a reality!

One of the major projects that we were fundraising for through out Holiday Magic fundraiser, was to install a large door and moveable floor in our main barn that would effectively move our residents with reduced mobility outside. 

With our Holiday Magic fundraising goal exceeded, we are now working with contractors to figure out the best way to make this happen! We cannot wait for Len to be outside where he can enjoy an evening sunset and lots of fresh farm air like he used to do when he was mobile. 

We want to meet YOU!

You can sign up for a Sanctuary tour or to help out on one of our volunteer work days! The 2019 schedule will be available soon at happilyeveresther.ca. 

Our soap is going to the dogs!

Homemade in Ontario, Canada, just for HEEFS, your dog is going to go barking mad for this doggie shampoo! 

Your pup will enjoy soothing, rich natural oils for a soft, shiny coat and nourished skin. Blended with essential oils that also help to repel ticks and fleas. (Not for use on cats!)