We love our workday volunteers!

Where would we be without you?

We always say that our volunteers are the lifeblood of HEEFS. But did you know that along with our regular weekly volunteers, we have volunteer workdays that anyone can sign up for?

We have people from all over the world come to help us out for a day or two, as well as regular volunteer workday participants who sign up time-after-time to lend a helping hand. If you’re interested in joining us for one of our volunteer workdays, we’d love to meet you! Sign up for a volunteer workday.

Here are two amazing people who often come out to help.

Eva Guzowska
Early in 2014, just as the Indiegogo campaign for HEEFS launched, a friend shared Esther The Wonder Pig’s Facebook page with Eva. Listening to Steve and Derek talk about their plans and their vision made Eva want to help. “I started to volunteer as soon as HEEFS was open, in the summer of 2015,” says Eva. “And I come out to HEEFS as often as I can!”

Eva has joined us for many volunteer workdays where she has done a variety of jobs from clearing the pastures (on the famous HEEFS Poop Crew) and weeding the fields to working on the Memorial Trail and building the rock wall in Bunnytown. “I’ve even done some mucking and painting. I love doing all these jobs, and I always try to challenge myself,” says, Eva, “but the hardest job was building the rock wall. I just hope that Steve and Derek were not inspired by Hadrian's wall during their recent trip to England. I don’t think I’d like to build a replica of that at HEEFS!”  

Eva loves her volunteer workdays at the Sanctuary. “Volunteering has strengthened my compassion for animals, especially for farmed animals,” shares Eva.  “It also gives me a great sense of being useful, to help create an environment for animals where they can heal, form friendships and have a beautiful life in their forever home.”

When asked about who should think about signing up for a volunteer workday, Eva tells us, “Everyone! During workdays, there are jobs for people with all abilities and it's a great way to de-stress from your daily routine. Volunteering at HEEFS is an incredible experience. It's truly a magical place.”  

Rose Folk

Like Eva, Rose has also been a volunteer since the beginning of HEEFS. “I started volunteering at the beginning of September 2015, after attending the HEEFS Grand Opening weekend that July,” says Rose.  

Rose had been following Esther The Wonder Pig’s page for a little while before HEEFS came into existence and just fell in love with Esther and her whole family. “When Steve and Derek decided to change their entire lives to start HEEFS, I felt very strongly that I wanted to help and be there to support them. I really wanted to be part of the good they were doing for farmed animals, and to spread a little kindness in the world.”


When Rose first visited HEEFS for the Grand Opening of the Sanctuary, she experienced the feeling of peace and happiness that often comes over our volunteers and visitors. “When it was time to go, as I drove back up the driveway through the beautiful trees and over the creek, I was surprised to find it very hard to actually leave. I signed up for a volunteer workday right away and loved it so much, they haven't been able to get rid of me since!”  


Rose loves the variety of work she gets to do on her workdays. “Depending on the projects happening at HEEFS, and also the time of year, we do different things. There is a lot of pasture cleaning and weeding, raking, maintaining the pathways around the sanctuary, painting, brush clearing and lots of muck bucket and poop bucket emptying. All of this while having fun with fellow volunteers and sometimes chatting with HEEFS residents that may be close by. When the workday ends, we go for a little tour and see the residents, maybe do a little animal cuddling and everyone is happy.”


When asked what she most enjoys doing when she’s at HEEFS, Rose tells us what we often hear from our volunteers, “I especially like being on Poop Crew out in the various pastures. It’s like meditation. I forget all my cares and just enjoy cleaning up after the animals that I love so much. Poop Crew rocks!”

If it's at all possible to get to HEEFS, don't hesitate to volunteer,” says Rose. “There are so many different things to do, there is always something for everyone plus you’ll be spending the day in the company of people from all over who share your passion for animals. Volunteering at HEEFS is the best thing you can do for yourself. You’ll feel so good knowing you did something kind and your help is always so much appreciated.”

 If you want to have this much fun, why not join us for a volunteer workday at HEEFS! Check out available dates.