Showing our pride at PRIDE

What a PRIDE-tastic day!

It was our second year marching in the Toronto PRIDE parade and everything was bigger, better and more fabulous than last year! Even the weather was spectacular without a cloud in the sky!

We had an amazing day spreading our message of love and compassion to the over one million festival attendees and to countless more watching the parade at home.

There were over 200 groups marching in the Toronto PRIDE parade and we think we can say, without any fear of contradiction, that we were the only float boasting a big, metallic pink pig farting bubbles and singing show tunes. And this year, just to be extra fancy, we dressed up our pig with some comically over-sized bling.

Spreading our message of love and compassion

Joining the 21 HEEFS volunteers that marched alongside our float, there were 48 incredible supporters that came from all over southern Ontario as well as Illinois, Michigan and Virginia!

Each person that marched with us was wearing a special edition HEEFS PRIDE tee. Some people chose to wear their shirts from last year with the message, “Be Kind to All Kinds”, and others wore the new design for 2019 showing our fairy pig with a PRIDE flag and the slogan, “Love for All and All for Love”.

Marchers carried signs representing all of the HEEFS residents and we even brought out the quad filled with animal, fruit and veggie balloons!

What a beautiful day…filled with beautiful people!