Special Bonds: Escalade and Cheri

Cheri and Escalade share a very special bond based on trust and respect. Cheri remembers the first time she saw Escalade, “He was running freely in the pasture with BJ and I noticed how curious he was,” says Cheri. “He came over to the fence, but when I reached out he ran away.” That’s when Cheri realized that Escalade was shy and a bit nervous. His past as a race horse had made him afraid of people, but Cheri sensed that Escalade wanted to be friends…he just didn’t know how.

“I decided to make sure I spent lots of time with Escalade, talking to him and brushing him,” explains Cheri. “I was hoping that this would create a bond between us so he could let down his guard and let go of his past.” And it worked! Cheri and Escalade ended up connecting on a very deep level and, if he is ever upset, and Cheri is within sight, he will gallop right over to her for some reassuring nuzzles.

When she’s at HEEFS, Cheri will often spend time cleaning his stall and then brushing Escalade while singing and talking to him. “Escalade’s energy is big and bold and I wouldn’t have it any other way!”