Special bonds: Marie and Heidi

HEEFS volunteer, Marie, shares with us her special bond with Heidi.

“I first met Heidi in the fall of 2017 when I started volunteering at HEEFS. I had never known any chickens before and I was so excited to get to know all the residents including this bright, keen little soul called Heidi. She seemed to be the resident welcoming committee - so friendly and the littlest one with a personality the size of Sir Denver. I had just lost my old dog, who was also called Heidi, so I was immediately drawn to her. When she hopped on my shoulder I could not believe my luck or the weightlessness of her! I think she noticed I was tall and would provide a good bird’s-eye-view to oversee her domain.  With her perched on my shoulder, I was able to look at her sweet little face darting around and look her into her beautiful eyes. Sometimes, when she needs to see even further out, she will actually perch on top of my head!

Always a lady, Heidi makes sure to fly off to poop and then returns! She will also peck sunflower seeds very softly from my hand. I know that despite her small size, she rules the coop and holds her own in Bunny Town. She’s a strong lady and I admire her so much!

During my volunteer time, I have helped Heidi have a dirt bath and assisted with clipping her nails. Caring for, and feeding, pretty little Heidi and everyone else is such an enjoyable wonder. It’s a pleasure that never gets old!”

Marie grew up with family in the cattle business and was always told, "don't get too attached" to the cattle she loved. To be able to get attached now and love the residents as the individuals she knows they are, is a comfort and a joy. 

Marie also shared with us that, while it was a struggle at times and in the early days, she has progressively not eaten meat in well over 30 years.

Marie works full time for a county newspaper and lives in Belwood with her husband and daughter along with her German Shepherd, Luna, and cat, Flower.