Happily Ever Esther Newsletter - SPECIAL EDITION!

October of 2017 was an eye-opener for us.

When Esther became ill and had to be rushed to the Ontario Veterinary College (OVC), at the University of Guelph, we thought she would undergo some testing and then we would know what was causing her to shake, turn blue and lose her balance. What we found out, instead, was that the imaging tools needed to diagnose a large animal, such as Esther, were not available in Canada.  Our options for providing care and treatment to our beloved Esther was so limited that we vowed we would do whatever it takes to make sure that the diagnostic imaging equipment needed for large animals, like Esther, would be available in Canada.

This is not the first time we’ve taken on a challenge that seems larger than life. Just creating Happily Ever Esther Farm Sanctuary was incredibly overwhelming when we started, but our amazing supporters stepped up and now HEEFS is home to over 50 rescued residents.

Your love and support is what keeps us going and today we are asking you to help us with another seemingly overwhelming goal – to raise $508,800 USD ($651,000 CDN) by July 1st in order to finalize the purchase of a Pegaso™ for OVC.

Why the Pegaso?

The Pegaso is a state-of-the-art CT machine for large animals that will dramatically improve the way OVC can image, diagnose, and treat large animals. Having a Pegaso in Canada would truly change the lives of countless animals by allowing for proper, and timely, diagnosis and treatment.

This incredible piece of equipment can scan large animals and provide a 3D image that is up to 1481x better than a conventional CT scanner!

The Pegaso also allows for fluoroscopy which delivers incredibly detailed soft and hard tissue imaging. With this level of CT quality, veterinarians at OVC will be able to clearly see not only the smallest of ligament tears, but also previously impossible-to-see lesions. 

Why OVC?

As a Sanctuary, we are incredibly lucky to have The Ontario Veterinary College (OVC) just 30 minutes away from our farm, in the City of Guelph, Ontario. OVC is the oldest veterinary college in North America and a recognized international leader in advancing veterinary science. They are currently ranked first in Canada, and among the top 10 worldwide for veterinary science.

When we approached OVC with our idea of bringing the Pegaso to Canada, they immediately mobilized a team to help us make it happen.

OVC manages more than 17,000 hospital visits every year at their Health Sciences Centre, providing everything from advanced cancer treatment, to specialized referral care and emergency services, for animals of all shapes and sizes. 

We Need Your Help!

We are grateful for donations of any amount and, because Happily Ever Esther Farm Sanctuary is a registered charity in both Canada and the US, tax receipts are available.

PLUS…we’ve got some pretty special perks available for donations, too!

We can’t do this without you!