Esther Scanner Update - April 2018

Can You Believe It???

It's been just over two weeks and we're already almost 20% of the way to our goal of purchasing the Pegaso™! 

This incredible piece of equipment delivers soft and hard tissue imaging that is so stunning, the world has never seen anything like it! Your incredible support through online and mail-in donations has been overwhelming and we can't thank you enough.

What your contribution will help us achieve

The acquisition of a Pegaso™ will change the game for large animals in Canada, and give many of them a fighting chance they just didn't have before.

This scanner also will allow the Ontario Veterinary College (OVC) to train future veterinarians to better treat large animals, and study what happens to them as they age and/or injure themselves. Plus, it will save lives in emergency situations and provide piece-of-mind to countless people when their loved one is sick.

Some Easy Ways That You Can Help

Every dollar counts!

There are so many fun and easy ways that you can help us reach our goal. How about...

  • Organizing your own mini fundraiser, or special event. 
  • Share the campaign through social media as often as possible with your family, friends, and colleagues. 
  • Challenge your friends and family to a "mini match donation" contest.
  • And an Esther Scanner advocate and let people know about what we are doing, and why.

Remember... no contribution is too small! Every single dollar we raise will get us closer to the goal of providing life-saving diagnostic imaging services to large animals.

Keeping It Fun!

Check out our newest perks!

"The Most Awesome Bird in the World" music download

You won't find this anywhere else! An Esther Scanner Perk exclusive - this music download is an original song about the one and only Cornelius (aka Corno). Written and performed by the incredibly talented Ellen Reid and Peter Lebuis, with Bill Bartlett and Pete Lesperance providing instrumental accompaniment.  

You'll be tapping your toes to this one all day long!!

Get the download now

Let us plant a tree in your honour!

Now when you donate to the Esther Scanner we'll plant an evergreen seedling at HEEFS in your honour! Your tree will help provide wildlife with food, shelter, and a place to call home, while cleaning our air and helping combat climate change. And you can visit your tree anytime you want will be that evergreen right over there by the fence!