Special Mother's Day Edition

Have You Met Our Moms?

At Happily Ever Esther Farm Sanctuary we have a very special place in our heart for moms. Because of the work we do, we know all too well that most female farmed animals never get the chance to bond with their babies, and most babies miss out on the special love and attention that only a mom can give.

We are proud to be able to give a forever home to two incredible moms and their amazing children so they can live out their lives together, surrounded by peace and love.

April and the Piglets!

April is one of the lucky ones. When our team of volunteers went out to a failed farm in Sudbury, Ontario, with the intention of rescuing a goat family - late dad William, mom Catherine and baby George, they saw a very frightened pig in the back of the barn.They thought she might be pregnant but they knew she was heading for a slaughterhouse the next day. A few phone calls later, the little pig was rescued along with the goats, and was on her way to Happily Ever Esther Farm Sanctuary.

April Fool's- the joke's on us!!

When April arrived arrangements were made for a vet to come and check if she was pregnant, but that wasn't necessary when she gave birth that very night to 8 piglets (five survived).

Because the birth happened on April 1, she was named April, and the piglets were all named shortly after that as their personalities and beautiful colour patterns began to emerge.

Meet the family!

This was most likely not April's first litter, but it was the only time she was able to stay with her babies, nursing them and providing the love and attention only a mom can give. Today the piglets, Peggy, Hercules, Mercy, Tim and Brindle, along with mom, April, are able to live out their lives together, as a family...and as it should be.

Catherine and George

This mother and son duo were rescued from the same failed farm as April, but this time we knew we were rescuing a family.

Unfortunately, William passed away shortly after arriving at HEEFS. While we were all saddened by William's passing, we knew that George would still have his doting mom, Catherine, by his side as grew up into the beautiful adult goat he is today.

Today, mother and son can always be found together, whether they are out for a stroll in the pasture, or going for a little recreational jump on the trampoline.  George also shares his mother's inquisitive nature and the two of them spend hours exploring and playing in their beautiful surroundings at HEEFS.

Show your mom some love, and help HEEFS, too!

Hay it forward for our moms and yours!

Our residents love their hay! They just can't get enough of it, so we always try to keep our barn loft full. You can help fill our loft AND get a beautiful "Hay it Forward" bracelet to give to your mom on Mother's Day! (Or, you can keep it for yourself...we won't tell!)

Each bracelet is lovingly put together by volunteers using the twine from a bale of hay that's in our loft.

You can purchase of bales of hay and the bracelet separately, but if you donate 12 bales of hay, we'll send you the bracelet for FREE!!