A big snout out to our special moms

Meet the Moms of HEEFS

Catherine and her son George

If you’re ever looking for George, all you have to do is find Catherine. George is a mama’s boy through and through. And who can blame him? He has an amazing mom in Catherine who is always by his side.

Catherine and George, along with dad, William, were rescued from a failing farm and given a forever home at Happily Ever Farm Sanctuary in March 2015. Sadly, shortly after arriving at HEEFS, William passed away, but that only made Catherine a more devoted and doting mom for her baby, George. Today, mother and son can always be found playing together or sharing a quiet moment. Both Catherine and George share an inquisitive nature and love nothing more than exploring all the beautiful nooks and crannies of HEEFS.  

Farley and Hope, and their daughter Heisenberg

Farley and Hope may not be biologically related to Heisenberg, but they are her moms in every other sense of the word! When HEEFS offered sanctuary to Farley and Hope, after the zoo they lived in burned down, little did we know that they were bringing along a little stowaway! Heisenberg arrived at HEEFS with Farley and Hope who immediately took on the job of raising her as their own . Silkie chickens, like Farley and Hope, are known to be great mothers and will selflessly raise other feathered beings as their own. Today, the moms, who are quiet and gentle by nature, take a back seat to the often bossy Heisenberg, but they’re OK with that. They’re one very happy, if not very traditional, family!

April and her piglets

Even though they are all full grown and four years old, we still refer to Brindle, Hercules, Tim, Peggy and Mercy as April’s babies.

April came to live at HEEFS almost by accident. Our amazing volunteer team was out picking up Catherine, William and George when they noticed a pig in the barn who looked like she might be pregnant. Not wanting to leave her to the horrible fate of the slaughterhouse the next day, the volunteers made some quick phone calls and secured a place for April at HEEFS, along with the goats they were scheduled to pick up.

When April arrived, we were not 100% sure that she was, in fact, pregnant, but we didn’t have wait long before April confirmed our suspicions by giving birth to her piglets that very night. It was April 1st – which was how April got her name. Since that day, mom and piglets have been together living their lives as the happy family they are.

Fiona and her piglets

You would think that after April and her piglets were born at HEEFS, we’d be experts at spotting pregnant pigs. But you’d be wrong. In fact, even at her pre-Sanctuary check up at the Ontario Veterinary College, Fiona’s pregnancy was not spotted. She may have been days, or even hours, pregnant when she came to HEEFS because she gave birth to her beautiful piglets right on schedule…approx. 115 days after her arrival- the normal gestation period for a sow.

Fiona’s nine surviving piglets, Benjamin, Audrey, Bradley, Iona, Helen, Winnifred, Penelope, Robert and Zeke are simply a delight! And watching mom, Fiona, with them is such an honour for us. She is patient, loving and tough when she needs to be. All the qualities that make up an amazing mom.

For the very first time, Fiona and her piglets will live together, surrounded by love and security, knowing that they will always be together, as a family.

Jolene and Abigale

Rescued from Farm X, along with friend, Fiona, Jolene and Abigale are a dynamic mother/daughter duo. They can always be found side-by-side, sleeping together, exploring together and enjoying all life has to offer them at HEEFS.