It's barn makeover time!

We’ve added new stalls and more room for our residents!

We couldn’t be more excited about our newest edition…three more stalls in our barn! Our original barn had six stalls, which was just perfect back when HEEFS was starting out and for a few years after, but since we first opened the barn doors of HEEFS, we have rescued and offered permanent homes to over 90 residents, not to mention April’s and Fiona’s piglets who were born at the Sanctuary and will live here for the rest of their lives.  

Before…and after!

barn 5.jpeg

Our Voluneers are the Best!

We are so fortunate to have amazing people on staff at HEEFS and the best, most dedicated team of volunteers we could ever hope for. With the help of volunteers, Angie, Dan, Scott, Kate, Sue G, and Susan C, and under the careful direction of our Facilities Supervisor, Kevin, three new stalls were built in less than one month! Of course, none of this would have been possible without the continued support of our amazing donors!

The new barn stalls will be put to very good use for residents who need more space as well as for times when we may need to keep residents apart due to behaviour or health concerns – such as when someone is recovering from a medical procedure. Each stall has its own gate and lock, electric and LED lighting, fire suppression system and SoftStall flooring for added comfort and cleanliness.


Who is living where?

Right now, Sammy is taking advantage of one of the new stalls while we continue to work on integrating him into a herd. Captain Dan will be moving into another one of the new stalls, and April's family lives in the third stall. Plus…Dolly and Nancy have had their stall expanded with the edition of their very own ensuite dust bath!

Supervisor Dolly hard at work!

April checking out her new digs!